There is a problem with my window/door. How do I go about applying the warranty?

Please refer to the warranty section of our website, where you will find details about the warranty and our After Sale Service request form.

What type of maintenance do my windows require?

With proper care, your purchase can last a lifetime.

Vinyl. To clean the vinyl portion of your window or door, use a mild non-abrasive detergent solution with a damp cloth. Occasionally, there will be a stubborn mark on the vinyl. In such cases, cleaners like VIM or Fantastic are recommended.

Glass. The glass can be cleaned with any commercial window cleaner, or vinegar and water, or ammonia and water.

Hardware. To ensure smooth performance of your windows and doors, spray clear silicone lubricant on all operating hardware annually.

There is condensation on my windows. Should I be worried?

Your new vinyl windows will make your home more energy efficient, thereby trapping the moisture and more importantly the heat that formerly was leaking to the outside. The humidity which formerly escaped along with expensive heated air will now be contained in your home.

How can I lower the humidity level in my house?

Most humidity problems in a house are caused by the following issues:

  • Hanging wet clothes to dry inside the house
  • Dryer vent that is blocked, skewed or not working properly
  • Range fan that is blocked, skewed or not working properly
  • Lots of plants in the house
  • Long hot showers without a fan in the bathroom

For more information about how to better control your house’s humidity level, please visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website.