Roto® is known throughout the entire world for developing premium hardware systems that boost the value of windows and doors. They do this by creating innovative hardware that is not only stylish but also secure and long-lasting.

ALLSCO PVC windows and doors come with Roto® hardware, and include such noteworthy elements as:

Roto® X-Drive Folding Casement Hardware
Recognized for reliability, this European-engineered hardware is an up-charge for many window manufacturers but is included on every ALLSCO window. We use Roto® X-Drive hardware exclusively with standard folding crank on our casement products.
For added style, we offer an array of designer finishes.

Multi-Point Locks
With its multi-point locking system consisting of a main lock, the additional locking points, and frame components, Roto® offers “made-to-measure” solutions for the most diverse security requirements.

Stainless Steel Hinges
Heavy-duty Roto® stainless steel hardware is available on all casement products meaning you can feel confident that rusted hinges are no longer an issue. Our stainless steel operator provides over 2000 hours of corrosion protection, well exceeding the AAMA 907 standard.

Roto® Auto-Lock System
The Roto® auto-lock system is available on single hung and side-slider windows. It’s easy to use and offers peace of mind, allowing you to rest assured that once your window is closed, it’s locked. The system features a positive action lock, meaning that when you unlock and open the window, the system resets itself so that when you close the window it automatically locks.