Window Design Options

Grilles and SDL

Grilles and SDLs (Simulated Divided Lites) are often added to customize a window to match the architectural style of the home, and can look contemporary or classic, depending on the model.

What is the difference between grilles and SLDs?

  • SDLs are applied on the exterior side of the glass and have a true divided lite appearance.
  • Grilles are installed between the glass panes for a completely maintenance-free application.

Grill and SDL patterns can impact the energy star rating of a window. For more details, please discuss grill and SDL options with your local Allsco dealer.

Exterior Brickmoulds (exclusive to PVC windows)

If you plan on installing your new windows from the exterior, you can choose frames with integrated brickmoulds. Brickmoulds give a sleek finish and come in many design styles:


Looking for traditional appeal? Apply brickmould in a New England style with Heritage or Colonial brickmould on three sides with a low profile sill.

Window Hardware Finishes

Smooth, reliable performance we use Roto® hardware with folding crank handles and multi-point locks. Available in these optional finishes.